Things To Do

Fraser Island is a truly spectacular place renowned for its magnificent beauty and its sheer natural diversity: wide unbroken surf beaches, migrating  whale population (August – November), excellent fishing, striking coloured sands, complex dune systems, crystal clear freshwater creeks, lakes, unspoilt rainforest with its majestic tall timbers. The less known low ‘wallum’ heaths on the western side of the island display vibrant wildflowers in spring.

There are just so many holiday options on Fraser Island. Some come to trek, some to swim and sunbake, some to four-wheel drive, some to see the famed whales and some to bird watch. It all depends on what you are into. Of course there is the fishing which can be good all year round but the most popular period is the tailor season (July to October).

Popular visitor activities and sites include:

  • Swimming in Eli Creek
  • the coloured sands of Cathedral Beach
  • The wreck of the ship “Maheno”
  • Indian Head
  • Swimming in the Champagne Pools
  • Waddy Point
  • Walk into and swim in Lake Wabby
  • The famous Lake McKenzie
  • The old forestry base at Central Station and the crystal clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek
  • Touring the Southern Lakes Circuit
  • Fishing along 75 mile Beach
  • Lake Garawongera and Yidney Scrub
  • Walking the many trails on the Island
  • The Fraser Island Great Walk – over 75 klms.

Planning your Visit

This is the largest sand island in the world. It has many scenic attractions and that travel needs to be undertaken at a leisurely pace, particularly in the hinterland away from the Eastern Beach .  All of this means that you need plenty of time to explore and when travelling on the beach you need to make allowance for tides and plan to travel the beach on low tide. Fraser Island is not a place that can be fully experienced in a day.

The following is one of many possible ways for first time visitors to plan and organise their visit and maximize the use of their time. Activities can be done in any order.

    • Day 1: Central Station, Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk, Pile Valley Walk
    • Day 2: Lake Wabby (Walk) & Rainbow Gorge
    • Day 3: Eli Creek, Maheno Wreck, Coloured Sands
    • Day 4. Lake Mckenzie to Basin Lake Walk.
    • Day 5: Indian Head, Champagne Pools, Waddy Point & return (Important check tide times before setting out to ensure that you can return before dark. Do not travel on the beach 2 hours before or after high tide).
    • Day 5: Lake Garawongera, Poyungan Forest and Valley of the Giants (Walk)
    • Day 6: Yidney Scrub Rainforrest, Lake Allom Circuit and return via Eastern Beach
    • Day 7: Southern Lakes Visit Circuit via Lake Boomanjin and Lake Birrabeen.
    • Day 8: Lake Wabby Lookout and Kingfisher Bay.

For the more adventurous there are also:

    • Scenic Flights: Scenic Flights of the Island, Hervey Bay and Lady Elliott Island (Barrier Reef). These can be arranged to depart from Happy Valley. The Eastern Beach is the airstrip runway, so watch out for vehicles and waves! Spectacular helicopter tours are also available.
    • The Great Walk: This famed walk stretches over 90 kilometres from Happy Valley in the north to Dili Village in the south. It takes 6-8 days to complete. Take care to be properly equipped for a walk in a wilderness area and do not walk alone. This trek passes through the Valley of the Giants, Lake Wabby, Lake Mckenzie and Central Station. Guided treks can be organised. There are more than 40 walking trails on Fraser Island for you to choose from.
    • Drive to Great Sandy Cape: Sandy Cape Lighthouse and Rooney Point are located on the northern end of Fraser Island. The drive up the Eastern Beach to this semi-remote area can be difficult. It is recommended for fully equipped and experienced four-wheel drivers only. Low tyre pressure is required to traverse very loose sand around bypasses such as Ngkala Rocks. It is recommended that vehicles do not travel alone in the event that one vehicle gets bogged. Always carry towing equipment and plenty of drinking water. Those who make this journey will experience a true beach wilderness. The less adventurous may choose to travel only as far north as the accessible Ocean Lake.